Now that we have got home , got over the shock of the sub-zero temperatures here and sorted outstanding items , I wanted to thank you so very much for helping to make our last holiday probably the most enjoyable that we have spent. I tried to thank you after the lovely evening and dinner at the Pavilion on Monday 26 February but I’m not sure whether my words conveyed our thanks adequately enough.

I must say , Max , that the changes at Fort Arabesque since you came last year have been remarkable.

Club 159 is a delight and all the staff there including Fatimeh , Waleed and Amgad are always very welcoming and are a credit to you. The food , coffee and drinks are all pretty excellent but there is only one saxophonist who I would be happy to listen to and that is Ragi. I know that we have a difference of opinion here , my friend , but you cannot be right all the time. Smiley !

The food changes at the Beach Bar are pretty good but the evening meals would benefit from the same wiser buffet selection as there is at lunchtime and Milad would gain from having the service of a plate warmer.

I didn’t take the opportunity of eating at the East Wing but the West Wing restaurant after its makeover reaps the benefit of the grill area and the changes to the standard menu are noticeable. The staff there – Karam , Amr ( I had a bit of fun each day with my long standing friend Amr when I would give him marks out of 10 for the quality of the thick soup !)  , Youssef , Ateef , not to mention Ali Mumtaz (standing joke between him and I ! – are as good as ever. One particular item deserves mention to indicate the extent of the changes to the menu and that was the presentation of Beef Wellington one day. It was very good and I complimented both Karam and Amr on the quality of the dish and the novelty of including something like that.  My only suggestion to them was that it would have benefited from a well seasoned tasty liver pate on top of the beef fillet rather than some very ordinary mincemeat.  But top marks anyway.

The Pavilion is naturally the top of the pops ..... but that is how it is designed to be. A nice place to go for a special event with food to match , as we found out last Monday evening.

Your presentation of the iconic purple bracelet to Carol and I enabled us to savour all that is luxurious  about Fort Arabesque and for that we thank you very much indeed. Our only reservation about it is doing without the luxury next year !

Please give our best regards to Julia , and my thanks once again for providing the 6-Nations Rugby Union , and to Fatimeh.


My very best wishes to you and love from Carol.