Spa Packages

Escape the limit of and immerse yourself in one of perfectly packaged recipes for relaxation. Each can be shared with loved one while you enjoy a side relaxing treatment in one of our twin spa suite. Perfect for couple celebrating their honeymoons or friends relaxing together.

Gratify yourself and your love one in our romantic spa suite with private Jacuzzi and steam bath.

Romeo & Juliet 120 minutes 

   Steam/ Relaxing bath 30 min.

   Choice of body scrub 30 min.

    Aromatherapy Massage 60 min.

Taste of Thai Sensation 130 minutes 

    Choice of Scrub 40 min.

    Thai Aromatic Massage / Thai Hot compress 90 min.

Serenity at Vareena Spa 150 minutes 

     Steam/ Relaxing Bath 30 min.

     Choice of Aromatherapy/ Swedish/ Thai massages 60 min.

     Choice of Ino-Sensi Facial or Algo Moisturizing Care 50 min.

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