About Us

Set in a tranquil and unique shore of The Red Sea, The Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa, and Villas are all elegant in design, full of superb touches and local charm, as well as having the longest and the most beautiful sandy beach in Makadi Bay. Whether you prefer it to be a family vacation, an adults-only retreat, or private and luxurious seclusion, we have it all in three different types of accommodation, yet all share beauty and style.

Every area of this property is designed to indulge guests in cool and glamorous lifestyle experiences and some of the best views of The Red Sea– all setting the scene to relax the most jaded of travelers. ​

Undisturbed by noise, outsiders, or the busy life, there is a delightful atmosphere of tranquility, peace, and harmony throughout, complemented by extraordinary 24-hour personalized service to ensures that all who stay here slow down, relax and leave the world behind.