“Table For Two” Menu

A selection of special menus created by our executive chef is available to choose from. Champagne & sparkling wines are against charges. 

This service is subject to extra charges.

Prior reservation is a must.

Please contact “At Your Service” ext.88 or contact reception or guest relations for reservation or more information. 

Romantic Dinner Right by The Sea

Sparkling stars, sea waves, and soft candle lights all can make your night special. But a luscious dinner by the beach watching the sparkle in her eyes, the air flowing through her wavy hair, and the candle reflections on her highlights while a bottle of champagne is setting the mood will make the night unforgettable. 

Just wish for it, and a team of tireless experts will work on it to make your night flawless.   

Make it happen with a simple request from our guest’s relations.