10:00 am - 07:00 pm
Allow 24 hours notice time
Arrive 15 mins early. No extension for delays.
The minimum age: 16 years

Heal In A Lavish SPA Setting

In a perfect atmosphere for living well, where every sense is indulged and every minute is focused on you and your needs, discover the most satisfactory spa experience at the Vareena Spa.

We believe that much of the value of the ultimate spa day comes from the treatments and facilities and from placing your physical, emotional, and mental well-being at the center of everything we do.

When it is about your self-care, we pride ourselves on sourcing the very best; accompany your friend and treat yourselves to a much-needed pampering time. Unwind together with an Aroma massage that combines the ancient healing arts of Thai and aromatherapy massage techniques. Or enjoy a steam bath that helps you relieve all the stress and moisturizes the skin. Also, get full use of the different spa treatments available, including body scrub with chocolate/coffee/or coconut, facial massages, and a jacuzzi bath.

Moreover, you have a great chance to melt away stress as the gentle warm waters of the Vichy shower rain over your body, creating a luxurious, healthful, and deeply relaxing sensation.

Not to mention the interiors are glammed up with relaxing d├ęcor and design that references the hotel's heritage. Unwind, Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa & Villas has you covered.


  • Six massage rooms, including two for couples and three for individuals.
  • Three Jacuzzis and two body scrubs rooms.
  • Wet facilities including a steam room and a Vichy shower room.
  • Changing rooms and four bathrooms.

SPA Menu

Classic Body Massage (55/85 min )

Get out of stress by this soothing massage, where pure essential oils are used to induce a deep gentle relaxation on your body, mind and soul. Quality of sleep

Traditional Thai (55/85 min )

This is a powerful massage that aligns the body energies, improves circulation and increases flexibility. The therapist helps you into different yoga positions.

Egyptian (55/85 min )

A relaxing massage where the therapist applies deep pressure to release muscle tension. It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the body and enhances energy levels.

Sport (55 min )

A deep tissue massage targeted at muscles used in specific types of sports. Sport massage can improve flexibility and prevent pulled muscles.

Oriental foot (25/55 min )

This dynamic treatment is based on the principle of reflexology, linking the reflex zones on the feet to organs and body system; light pressure is applied to various parts on the feet to relieve pain and stress.

Back, shoulder & scalp (25/55 min )

The ideal massage to combat stiffness and stress, it concentrates on the back and shoulders and helps to ease away shoulder strain and relieve tension.

Fort Arabesque Package (90 min )

  • Steam Bath + Jacuzzi
  • Body scrub (Chocolate/Coffee/Coconut)
  • Moisturizing body treatment
  • Facial Massage

Steam Bath + Jacuzzi (30 min )

Steam bath helps to relieve stress and tension; it improves blood circulation, helps to breathe easily and moisturizes the skin. Followed by a relaxing Jacuzzi session with warm water, your muscles will be released, your body will be relieved and your spirit will be revived. *** After steam bath it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water***

Moisturizing body treatment (55 min )

This moisturizing treatment is specially recommended during winter season. A natural mix of pure olive oil and body cream free from any chemicals is being used suiting your daily skin needs. The treatment is ideal for dry skin due to the moisturizing and nourishing effects. This exotic delight will make your skin feel hydrated and silky.

Hot Oil treatment (55 min )

The Hot Oil treatment helps to detoxify your body and stimulate blood circulation. The warmth of the hot oil helps you to feel the complete relaxation. The treatment is also recommended in case of muscle tension. *** After the treatment it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water ***

Lymph Drainage (55 min )

A Lymph Drainage is a special form of stroking massage ideal for detoxifying the body and freeing excess water

Back, shoulder & scalp + Oriental foot treatment (55 min )

This treatment concentrates on the back, shoulder and scalp accompanied by a feet reflexology massage which links the reflex zones to organs and body parts.

Thai Aromatic treatment (55/85 min )

The Aroma massage combines the ancient healing arts of Thai and aromatherapy massage techniques. This treatment concentrates on pressure points throughout the entire body, helping to ease muscle tension, whilst improving blood circulation.